17 023

Durban – Known as one of the best beach-breaks in the world, the New Pier in Durban is set to host the exciting Cell C Goodwave surfing event during the next good swell.


JBay – The 2017 edition of the JBay Winterfest will be another great year for the annual sports and beach festival, with much in store for visitors and competitors alike.

17 023

Durban – The contest organisers of the Cell C Goodwave have made the decision to keep the event on hold, and not call a Green Light for the forecast Monday 15th  / Tuesday 16th May swell.

The South African Surfing team of four men and two woman leaves for Europe today to take on some of the World’s best surfers from over 40 countries at the 2017 ISA World Surfing Games which gets under way at Biarritz in France this Saturday May 20th.

JBay – with the waiting period for the JBU Supertrial powered by Monster Energy just around the corner, the contest organisers have released the names of four more invited surfers. These surfers will join the other eight surfers that have already been announced.