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The expected South West buster came through with a force right at the start of competition at the Imperial Nissan Zululand SA Bodyboarding Champs 2015.

Although pretty strong it did not blow the contest tower and officials away and made for a decent day of competition at the 29th annual national event.

A strong offshore is always better than a strong offshore and the riders in the Junior Division made the best of the two foot surf on offer. The waves were running well but were a bit flat in the morning high tide with the first flip only seen in Heat three. Conditions improved gradually through the day as the tide dropped and got pretty good in the last few heats of the day.

Team spirit was high with competitors cheering each other on and making tunnels for their members to pass through into and back out of the surf. The home team were especially vocal and with good reason as a large number of their team came through their opening round heats with really good results.

Dean de Kock and Eugene Prenzler won their Junior Division Heats, Rheinhard du Toit won his Round One Pro Division heat with Mark McCarthy and Izann Leibbrandt getting high point second places in their heats. Jonathan Bernon and Claudde Coetzer both won their heats in the Mens Division with Stef Coetzee getting a good second place. Alex Nutt won his Boys Division heat.

Other standouts on Day 1 were Michael Roberts (Boland) who was on fire in the Boys Divison, Dune Barker (SKZN) who totally owned the drop knee division in a class of his own and wave of the day winner Michael Ostler (CKZN) with a really good flip on a left.

Spur was on the beach feeding the hungry bodyboarders and Imperial Nissan Zululand had a car display behind the official area. It was good to see all the sponsors banners flying high and those interested members of the public who braved the windy conditions to come and support their team.

Day 2 will start once again at 7am and we look forward to a good day of competition as the wind has dropped.

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Surf Images by dougefreshpics - Like his Facebook page and follow on Instagram
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