Dropknee Winner Ryno Turketti by Larisa Smuts

Pic: Dropknee winner Ryno Turketti in action by Larisa Smuts

The Cape Classic bodyboarding contest is one of the longest running national bodyboarding events in South Africa.

According to WPBA’s Darren Croxford, this years event went down just right with everyone putting on one hell of a show. “We kicked off with some tricky conditions at Yzerfontein on Day 1 but got down to work with some riders finding a couple of gems in between the gnarly rips and lumpy swell. Thankfully on day two we were blessed with some very fun conditions on Melkbos beachfront.”

After the weather cleared and the sun came out it was all systems go and as the tide went out the waves got even better. “I’ve got to say, we have some world class riders here in SA and I feel the Saffa mafia are going pro worldwide and fast.” said Darren.

The presence and professional organisation by the South African Bodyboarding Association as well as the Western Province Bodyboarding Committees was flawless. The live scoring operated like a well oiled engine and the judges put on a exception performance too in some tricky conditions.

Darren was full of praise for everyone who was involved in the event. “Much thanks to absolutely everyone involved in this epic event. The prizes were quite a treat and some went home with a board in one hand and a brief case in the other! I think all the sponsors involved absolutely rock and together we put together a special event which brought our community together once again. It's always good to have all the brotha's and sista's on one beach so let's all get ready for our next showdown, SA Champs!”

Well done to all the winners and all involved. The event sponsors were: Havaianas Berman Brothers Properties Pick n Pay REEF South Africa



  1. Marc Webster
  2. Simon Heale
  3. Codi Butterworth and Henry le Roux


  1. Henry le Roux
  2. Michael Roberts
  3. Quinn van Heerden
  4. Joel le Grange


  1. Pamela Bowren
  2. Suzie Hüsselman
  3. Debbie Patterson
  4. Leon Nel (Grand Masters)
  5. Skye Bothma


  1. Ryno Turketti
  2. Sascha Taljaard
  3. Simon Heale
  4. David Bruce


  1. James Clayden
  2. Luke Bruton
  3. Daniel Miller
  4. Kyle Wilkinson


  1. Phillip le Roux
  2. Ryno Turketti
  3. Stuart Lee
  4. Vicus Kruger


Pics - Darren Croxford and Larisa Smuts