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Awesome prizes were up for grabs with great support offered from local bodyboarding brands including Northcore Surf & Skate. 

The Pro heats kicked off with Mark McCarthy, Stephen du Preez, Xander Farrrel  and Nick Westman among those who stood out, wowing the crowds with insane barrel rides as well as aerial moves. Stephen scored on probably the best wave and trick combination of the day boosting a solid air forward straight off the bat in the early stages of the competition. The conditions held out most of Saturday 14 December with only the wind disrupting the warm summer day.

The contest carried over to the next day with a massive drop in swell and the contestants having to not only battle themselves, but also the surfers hogging the lineup at the pier. Conditions were tough but Chris Green, Niel Blom, Nick Westman and Stephen Du Preez made the most of it with the first Dropknee heats of the day. The Pro Final was a tough battle with well known riders Claudde Coetzer,  Stephen Du Preez, Greg Vorster all the way from Canada and Izan Leibbrandt being whipped by young Xander Farrell. Farrell also went on to own a spot for his name on the Northcore Surf & Skate most progressive rider trophy. Claudde Coetzer was a standout throughout the event with consistent riding and we look forward on seeing him boost more often. Young Alex Nutt charged all the way and was one of the youngest riders to take part.

Along with a dose of sunburn and sand in our hair we were grateful to enjoy a meal sponsored by Mac's Fish & Chips. We look to grow this event in the future to the level of a SABA (South African Bodyboarding Association) sanctioned circuit event to join others hosted all over South Africa annually where riders compete for points in order to qualify for World Games. The only thing needed is cash sponsors for prize money and running costs.

The organizers would like to thank all the guys who came up from the South Coast and Durban areas to take part in this event. Be sure the catch the next one early next year!

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solid well