The event was held in difficult 3 to 4 foot surf in strong north-east winds with the odd 6 foot set coming through to test the competitors skills. A couple of riders also ended up pushed into the rocks with Liam de Villiers hurting his shoulder in the process. There was some great surfing action from both Liam and Matt Pallet, the latter pushing the envelope with a huge air reverse in his heat. Rides had predominantly 2 to 3 moves per wave in the tricky conditions and Matt’s winning ride had five moves on his wave.

Its was a fun morning for the trial for both riders and families. It is always a good trip travelling to Zinkwazi for a trial. Thanks to Anton for officiating and those that helped judge on the day. The final Open and Junior trials will take place Sunday 29 March at Alkantstrand.


Open Ladies
1. Monique Gresse
1. L de Villiers
2. D Barry
3. C Carlson
4. M Fouche
1. L de Villiers
2. W Surajlall
Open Men
1. M Pallet
2. L de Villiers
3. L Carlson
4. A Knoetze