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The committee and myself have decided we can pull of a good event in that time frame, because it is short notice we will run the event at Warner Beach, that's pretty central for all. The cost per entry will be R 150 The event is not only limited to the selected teams from SKZN. CKZN and Zululand, there are also independent spaces available in the divisions.

I have worked out the maximum amount of heats we can run and this is how much space we have per division.

The idea of this event is to get our kids into contest mode leading up to the 2014 Hurley SA Junior Championships. I am in the process of dealing with sponsors and I will set up the event page on FB tonight so we can get the word out quickly. The entry fee must be paid directly into the SKZN Bank account and proof email through, I will put those details out soon as well. More info will be sent through and posed on our FB page as and when I have. Hope this is good with you all.

Regards Wade