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Singlefin Events from Durban and the Pelican Island Crew have teamed up to run a longboarding contest on Pelican Island. The contest will run on Sunday, August 20 2017.

The logging event will be the first ever contest to take place at Pelican Island. This surf break, located in the harbour in Richards Bay, has begun to break more frequently over the past two years possibly due to harbour dredging patterns and with the right tide and swell direction offers surfers with longer boards rides up to 100 metres.

The contest organisers have been looking for the ideal conditions for pelican waves and have the whole of July and August as a waiting period with a one week standby notification for the 25 invitees.

BREAKING: We have done the check and we are very happy to announce that we are going into a Green Light for the event running from sunday morning 7.30. Heat sheets and schedule will be sent through this evening and format of the day.

The action is here!

The main sponsors for the event are Pelican Island Surfriders Surf Shop for wax and caps for each rider, Club House Breweries (Facebook page) , Namiko Swimwear (Facebook Page), Find the Stoke, Tidal Toa, Of the Sea, and Surf Alliance for media with more to be confirmed as they come on board. Judges will be looking for the longest nose ride, best and longest wave and the only rule is your board must be 9 foot minimum with a single fin setup.

For more info contact Michael on 082 309 5793

Images supplied by organiser