The Pelican Island Invitational Logging contest presented by Singlefin Events and Pelican Island Surfriders takes place tomorrow 20 August. We have the heat sheets, entrants and into below.

The event, the First ever contest for this venue, features 18 men and 7 lady loggers where the criteria is 9ft and over boards, single fin setup and a good attitude.

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More info for tomorrows event from the organisers:

The heat sheets below are the format for the day. We would like to try to keep as close to this as possible as we have to obey the elements of Pelican and get the best from her in the time frame it works. The contest is based on traditional longboarding. So please note the criteria the judges are looking for are: Wave selection / Style / Creativity / Cross stepping / Length of ride / Nose rides and more style!!

Guys this is a fun contest... It is sharing the stoke of logging and keeping it alive so bring your logs and good vibes and let's share a great day of logging and good vibes. See you tomorrow!

Just a reminder. There are no shops close by and there are no toilets at pelican. So just come prepared... and don't stress about the hippo !!

For more info contact Michael on 082 309 5793


Below: conditions today (Saturday)