Photo courtesy of Alan van Gysen

“She’s a freaking role model and a really groovy aunty” - Michael McCarthy

Bernie Shelly first stepped onto a board at the age of 19, she has been SA Champ twice and Western Provence Champ a number of times. She took a 25 year sabbatical from the sea to become a mother of four. But those ‘born of the sea’ must return!

Bernie (70) is now a grandmother to 8 children, having had 3 major hip operations and is back in the ocean gracefully sliding and inspiring young and old.

The organisers are beyond stoked to have her on board with our event! 

Photo courtesy of Alan van Gysen

I asked Bernie why such a seasoned logger and legend such as herself will be travelling such a great distance to log in the Pelican Invitational with ladies of all surf levels, including complete newbies and groms, this was her response:
“I am completely intrigued, it is what one dreams of in a surf adventure, traveling miles on the green light for very specific conditions, the exact wind and tide, and then there’s this perfect running logging wave in the middle of a harbour. As far as competing with ladies of varied skill levels… It is not so much the competition that is drawing or compelling me, it is the enthusiasm and wonder of all these ladies (we’ve been chatting via whatsapp group). So that is what I am coming for!”

Bernie was also completely flattered to be referred to as a ‘legend’, one thing is for certain this lovely lady is humble as pie and we all cannot wait to meet her, I certainly can’t wait. I quote Michael McCarthy “She’s a freaking role model and a really groovy aunty”.

Photo courtesy of Alan van Gysen

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