Durban – The 32 surfers invited to surf in the 2017 Cell C Goodwave WSL Specialty surf contest have been announced, and the list is an exciting mix of old school chargers and new school wizardry.

The event will take place at New Pier, Durban, and the selection criteria is that the surfers need to have good experience and a solid reputation at the New Pier when the waves get solid. The tournament has a one-year waiting period. When the forecast for New Pier looks excellent, the one-day contest will be called on with a 48-hour notice, and these selected surfers will need to make their way to Durban for an early morning start on the day of competition. That day will be called with the assistance of swell forecaster Spike from

Apart from the 32 surfers invited there will also be 32 alternate surfers. Contest organizers are also willing to accept walk-ups on the day.

The 32 invited surfers are, in no order whatsoever:

1. Brandon Jackson 2. Matt MacGillivray 3. Dale Staples 4. Shane Sykes 5. Mikey February 6. Josh Redman 7. Damien Fahrenfort 8. Dan Redman 9. Mike Frew 10. Simon Nicholson 11. Gavin Roberts 12. Frankie Oberholzer 13. Matt Bromley 14. Davey Weare 15. Grant Baker 16. Chris Leppan 17. Sean Holmes 18. Ricky Basnett 19. Jason Ribbink 20. Beyrick de Vries 21. Gary van Wieringen 22. Dylan Lightfoot 23. Chad du Toit 24. Brendan O’Connor 25. Warwick Wright 26. Noel Rahme 27. Shane Thorne 28. Paul Canning 29. Richard Kidd 30. Davey van Zyl 31. Robbie Schofield 32. Greg Emslie

St Francis Bay resident Ricky Basnett made the short list © FLANAGAN

Alternates, in no order:

Secret International VIP, Casey Grant, Alan Johns, Josh Smit, Jordy Maree, Adin Jeenes, Simon Fish, Joshe Faulkner, Matt Pallet, Stever Sawyer, Dylan Stewart, Lee Bisset, Scott Venter, Billy Payne, Scott Hamilton, Ryan Payne, Sam Christianson, Ben Dancaster, Bevan Willis, Koby Oberholzer, Antonio Bortoletto, Manfred Adrio, Wes O'Driscoll, Elton Cuthbert, Andrew Lange, Blane Wood, Chris Frolich, Wade Simkiss, Rene Terblanche, Frank Solomon, Mikhael 'MK' Vawda, Andrew Banks.  

On top of this the contest organisers will also accept walk-up entries on the day. The contest costs R1 to enter, and first prize is R100k.

California Dreaming, overlooking New Pier on the beachfront, will host the competition on the day. Oakley is a supporting sponsor.

The Cell C Goodwave is a South African Surfing Legends event, with Jason Ribbink the contest director.


The contest is also sanctioned by Surfing South Africa. It is an invite-only event.



The Cell C Goodwave - in loving memory of Lee Wolins.

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