The South Coast Grom Comp presented by South Coast Tourism enjoyed fun and contestable conditions the whole weekend at St Michaels Beach, and the HPSA competitors proved to be too strong for their counterparts, enjoying great wins in this highly competitive segment of junior surfing.

The High Performance Surfing Academy is proud of these surfers who were in attendance, and who have embarked on a surfing and coaching route of improvement. The HPSA surfers who exceled in this event are the ones who are already showing commitment in this journey. The Academy has instituted a regular program of surf coaching regardless of conditions, as well as sports psychology, equipment and nutrition training, and video analysis after every training session, and there is now HPSA training 5 days a week.


A very stoked Sne Makhubu ©Menize Hattingh

Snenhlahhla ‘Sne’ Makhubu is one of the surfers who has been showing the most determination and hunger. She won both the U14 Girls division as well as the U16 Girls division with some inspired surfing.

Another great performance came from HPSA surfer James Ribbink in the U12 division, winning easily and banking a 10-point ride in the final.

In the U14 Boys division, Tide Lee Ireland emerged victorious, with Nate Spalding in third place.


Tide Lee Ireland © Menize Hattingh

The U14 Girls saw Sne winning first place, with Kayla Nogueira in third.

In the U16 Boys the HPSA had a first and second in Koby Oberholzer and Tide Lee Ireland, and the U16 Girls had a similar result with Sne in first and Kayla in second.

The High Performance Surfing Academy is striving to improve the performances of junior surfers in the country, and it is encouraging to see these early results due to the efforts that people like head coach Bruce Jackson has put in, along with Chad du Toit and Jason Ribbink.

HPSA also recently enjoyed a visit from 1977 World Champion Shaun Tomson, who attended a coaching session. “The most important advice about competition was from my dad.“ Shaun told the HPSA surfers, “He told me that when you win, win like a gentleman, and when you lose, lose like a man.”


Shaun Tomson at the HPSA © Clinton Rich Photography

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