Fallen Surfers Memorial at Alkantstrand

UPDATE: This event has been postponed and is likely to be held on the weekend of 13-14 November. This is due to unexpected delays and people not being available this weekend.

Organisers of a great initiative to honor fallen surfers will soon be going ahead with the construction of a deck with benches at the "normal" surf check spot. They have permission and are making it a memorial for all the surfers we have lost over the years.

The idea developed after the passing of Mark Trollip and is being spearheaded by the local surfing fraternity. Funds have been received from donors to make this happen and the generosity has been such that they have more than enough for the construction with money left to make an event of it. All donated funds will be allocated to the construction and surplus will be used for some snacks, flowers and cool drinks at the event. Transparency has been emphasized by the organisers who have all details of donated funds and costs available for viewing.

There will be an opening service and flower laying as well as a free fun contest provisionally on 11 October at Alkantstrand. Parents and loved ones of those lost will be welcomed and invited to attend and all plaques will be displayed on the benches. "We want to have a fun contest, longboard, short board, bodyboard, skimboard.. we all have turns riding the different craft that we apply our trade in “Gods Gym”.. said organiser Fred le Roux. "We will send all invites out to parents of the fallen and family and hopefully do an online live session for those overseas".

Updates will be posted on social media so keep your eyes peeled for news on this event. 

"We are excited to put together a great space for all the surfers to hang out and scout waves from as well as more importantly remember this who have passed and are loved so much by all who remain." said Gerrit Loots.

Thank you all in our surfing family who donated and are involved. Please share to all those who would be interested. 

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