This was the final event to select the various age group teams to represent Zululand at their respective South African Championship events. The national events are split into three separate events at different dates and venues for Opens, Juniors and Masters.

The weather bureau predicted strong NE winds for Sunday but thankfully it stayed away and the association enjoyed some good waves with high scores coming through especially in the Masters Division where scores of 8 and 9 were recorded by the judges. The highlight being the mixed Kahunas and Masters Division where the ballies displayed a fine performance to not be showed up against the much younger and boosting Allan Johns. The Masters Division was won by an on-form Pieter Ben van Rijn from Mtunzini with Dave Peterson coming in 2nd, just what he needed to make the team.

With the trials done and dusted the various teams will now be decided on soon and announced in the media. Well done to all those who competed in the trial and thank you to the officials and judges for holding another fun contest.

Opens Juniors U13/Ladies     Juniors U/15 Juniors U/17

1. Allan Johns
2. Scott Venter
3. Byron Lindsay
4. Vaughan Weyer    
5. Chris Koen

1. Michaela Smith
2. Monique Gresse
3. Jordan Dreyer

1. Liam de Villiers
2. Cameron Dreyer    
3. Keegan Smith
5. Daniel Morrison

1. Braiden Coates    
2. Daniel Barry

Kahunas/Masters 30+  Masters 35+ Masters 40+  
1. Allan Johns
2. Fred le Roux
3. Robin Lavery
4. Kenneth Hodgson
1. Dave Petersen
2. Anton Knoetze
1. Pieter van Rhijn    
2. Dave Petersen
3. Vince King
4. Anton Knoetze