Renowned big wave surfer and freesurfer Matt Bromley wants to make you surf your very best, with his surf fitness and online conditioning courses.
Bromley, who is going to bring out a big wave movie soon - has several online courses on offer that will help you to up your game. They will help you get the most fit you can be for a premium surfing experience.
"I'm super excited about my new Surf Fitness and Conditioning resource, created together with my Sports Scientist, Matt Holden," said Bromley.
"This is a crucial aspect of confidence and performance in surfing some of the biggest waves in the world. It also keeps me sharp and explosive in my small wave game." 

According to the Monster Energy athlete Bromley, surfers need to cross-train for 2 reasons:

1. Building stability in our joints is crucial for injury prevention.

"Surfing has so many unpredictable, forces and angles being thrown at us from all directions, as well as repetitive motions involved in paddling," reckons Bromley. "We need strength and stability in our muscles and joints. When I don't train, I get rotator cuff issues within weeks!"

 2. Improve our surfing and lengthen our sessions.

"Suppose we're serious about improving our surfing game," said Bromley. "In that case, we must build

explosive and rotational power for paddling, doing turns and generating speed. Many of our exercises also work on the fine stability muscles that help with balance. These are crucial for control on the wave.

"There is also a stamina aspect.

"All of us want to surf for longer," said Bromley. "Our surf workout is designed to strengthen the muscles we need for surfing as well as incorporates interval cardio throughout the routine to mimic the surf."

Three resources are included in Matt's course, for only $15.

1. Matt's surf-specific workout (regular and advanced)

2. Matt's progressive weekly swim routine

3. Matt's progressive weekly run and stair routine

 Surf Fitness and Conditioning course

 "I love the workout because it can be done on the road, at home, in hotel rooms; all you need is a stopwatch and a theraband," said Matt.

 And don't forget Matt's 3 other epic resources:

Learn to Surf

Barrel Riding and High-Performance Surf

Bigger Wave Riding

If you're serious about wanting to improve your surfing or even just getting your fitness levels to where they should be, then have a look at what Matt is offering.

It was a mixed bag of surf and results for round one of the Rip Curl E-Pro. There were some big East Coast barrels dominating, and both Dan Redman and Mike Frew’s efforts might see them in consideration for the Red Bull Best Tube Award.

First and Second placed surfers go through to Round 3.

Third-placed surfers go through to Round 2 repechage round.

Fourth-placed surfers are unfortunately eliminated from the event.

Round 2 will be surfed off tomorrow.

Round One Results:

Heat One

  1. Chad Du Toit
  2. Matt Davis
  3. Dan Emslie
  4. Nate Plomaritis

Heat Two

  1. Dan Redman
  2. Matt Bromley
  3. Tom Lindhorst
  4. Cody Coetsee

Heat Three

  1. Koby Oberholzer
  2. Max Elkington
  3. Ari Kraak
  4. Ollie Boucher

Heat Four

  1. Mitch Du Preez
  2. Jordy Maree
  3. Luke Thompson
  4. Warwick Heny

Heat Five

  1. Steven Sawyer
  2. Brad Scott
  3. Josh Redman
  4. Dan Thornton

Heat Six

  1. Mike Frew
  2. Dylan Lightfoot
  3. Manoa Robb
  4. Surprize Maphumulo

Heat Seven

  1. Gavin Roberts
  2. Mikey Venter
  3. Joshe Faulkner
  4. Duncan Boucher

Heat Eight

  1. Shane Sykes
  2. Karl Steen
  3. Billy Payne
  4. Miles Boucher

Heat Nine

  1. Brandon Jackson
  2. Aya Gericke
  3. Luke Slijpen
  4. Scott Venter

Heat Ten

  1. Casey Grant
  2. Ethan Fletcher
  3. Luke Van Wyk
  4. Bryce Du Preez

Heat Eleven

  1. Dale Staples
  2. Luke Malherbe
  3. Eli Beukes

Heat Twelve

  1. Davey Van Zyl
  2. Don Zoetmulder
  3. Simo Mkhize

Round Two Repechage heats will be posted on @surfopenleague Instagram account, or find it on the Facebook Page

With just a few days to go before the launch of the Rip Curl E-Pro Online Surf Event, the entries are being finalized, and the draw is being done.

The Rip Curl E-Pro virtual surfing event comprises 48 men and 8 women, competing for prize money and bragging rights. There is R10k first prize for both men and women, there is an R10k Red Bull Best Tube Award, and there is R10k worth of Oakley products in the mix.

There is a healthy mix of surfers included in this inaugural virtual surfing event. It is encouraging to see some of the younger surfers entering into the spirit of things and coming up against the older, more established surfers in the country.

This contest has always been about having fun. It serves to provide some valuable coverage for surfers and their sponsors in a time when nothing is happening in South Africa in the way of surf tournaments.

The Surf Web Series is a global online tour. South Africa will be the second event, after Mexico. After the SA event, the tour moves to Japan and then to Australia. More about the tour can be found on the Surf Web Series website.

The Rip Curl E-Pro Women’s event came about with support from the Kouga Municipality and from Rip Curl. It is a stand-alone event with R10,000 first prize, and it takes place during August, which is Women’s Month in South Africa. In a verbal agreement with Councillor Williams, the Municipality decided to get behind the event and the Kouga region surfers. The waves and the surfers of JBay and environs will play a big part in the virtual tournament.

Entries include top-rated women surfers like Zoe Steyn (EL) and Ceara Knight from Cape Town. Faye Zoetmulder will be representing the Kouga Region, and Anastasia Venter, the 13-year-old from Cape Town’s West Coast has entered. The rest of the surfers in the women’s event will be announced soon.

In the Rip Curl E-Pro Men’s event, the competitive JBay surfers Dylan Lightfoot and former world longboard champ Steve Sawyer are looking determined. Still, they will face off against the likes of Eli Beukes and Luke Slijpen from Cape Town.

Chad Du Toit from Durban has also been on a tear lately, and the Durban crew of Chad, the Redman brothers Josh and Dan, as well as Brandon Jackson, are all committed and looking good. Surprise Maphumulo has also entered, to see how he fares against the best surfers in the country. Surprise is a High Performance Surfing Academy surfer and has a bright future ahead of him.

Shane Sykes, also from Durban is in the mix, as well as Dale Staples from St Francis Bay, and Joshe Faulkner from Pellsrus. Durban’s Davey Van Zyl has a few absolute banger clips as well, and could easily steal the thunder.

The heats start running on 1 August and will be hosted on the Surf Open League Instagram account - @surfopenleague

When the event begins, the heats can also be viewed on the Surf Open League Facebook Page.


South Africa – The upcoming Rip Curl E-Pro virtual surfing tournament has garnered so much attention that the event organisers have opened up a standalone women’s event. This South African virtual surfing event – part of the global Surf Web Series – is set to kick off on 1 August 2020.

 After initially setting out to cater for 32 surfers, both men and women combined, the online surfing championship has now expanded to 48 men and 8 women, fighting it out for their share of the prizes. There are currently two slots left open in the men’s division, and contest organisers are still prepared to accept those two entries to fill the available spots. Entries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The women’s event is full.

There will be equal prizes for men and women. There will be an R10,000 first prize in both the men and women’s event, while there will be an R10,000 Red Bull Best Tube Award for the best single tube of the contest.

The judges are all world-class, comprising ISA head judge Cyril Nel, ISA head judge Bongani Xulu, ISA judge Johno Hutchison and SSA head judge Dillan Lowenthal. The Fifth judge is the public vote.

The Rip Curl E-Pro is presented by Shaka Surf Store, an online store selling bespoke, eco-friendly surfboard fins of exceptional quality and design.

Oakley has sponsored R10,000 worth of eyewear, with Oakley sunglasses going to the men and women’s winners and runners-up.

The Rip Curl E-Pro is supported by Surfing South Africa, and is the official media partner.

The Rip Curl E-Pro virtual surfing contest is powered TCS-WiFi and The Computer Shop, who have rigged the event head office with high-speed WiFi.

The Surf Web Series is hosted on Instagram


The Surf Web Series website

Due to overwhelming demand, The Rip Curl E-Pro online surf event South Africa has opened up from 32 surfers to 48 surfers. The tournament is the second in a virtual global series – the Surf Web Series - that culminates with a global final. Should we not get the required 48 surfers, event organisers will decide on a suitable contest format according to the number of entries.

The Rip Curl E-Pro has an R10,000 first prize and an R5,000 runner-up prize. Red Bull has also stepped in to reward our surfers, and there is an R10,000 Red Bull Best Tube Ride award specialty prize. It is up to surfers to work with videographers, and share their prizemoney.

Oakley has put up R10,000 worth of eyewear as prizes, and the top male surfer and the top female surfer, along with their respective videographers, will each receive a pair of Oakley Sunglasses.

Along with the original list of surfers entered, some fresh names on the list include Shane Sykes, Koby Oberholzer, Simo Mkize, Scott Venter, Mitch Du Preez, Gavin Roberts, Karl Steen Luke Thompson, Nate Plomaritis and Zoé Steyn. Full entry list and flow-chart to be released soon.

Surfers who wish to enter need to do the following:

Contact Craig Jarvis on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and enter their names on the entry list.
Submit their first and second round clips by 25 July. A clip can be any wave, under 8 foot, that was surfed in South Africa between 1 March 2019, to 25 July 2020.

Any surfer who has entered but does not submit rides in time will be excluded, and the first alternate will take his or her place. Surfers are also encouraged to send their first and second round entries as soon as possible, to get the competition ball rolling.

It is a simple format, with surfers entering one wave (one clip) per heat. Every heat they advance they have to utilize another wave and another clip. This is where the strategy comes in, with surfers deciding where to drop their best clips.

Details of the full tour can be found on

The Rip Curl E-Pro is supported by Surfing South Africa. Surfing South Africa is the recognised governing body for the sport in South Africa and is a member of the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC), the African Surfing Confederation (ASC) and the International Surfing Association (ISA). is the Rip Curl E-Pro media partner.

For more go to:



Instagram: or @surfopenleague