Tweed Heads, Aus: The World Surf League (WSL) Australian Grand Slam of Surfing series has issued a Green Alert for the Tweed Coast Pro to run this Sunday, 13 September. A moderate East swell is forecast for the region over the weekend and into next week. It should make for favourable conditions at Cabarita Beach for the event to run over two days on Sunday and Monday.

JBay surfer Matthew McGillivray decided to stay in Australia when the national lockdown kicked in back home in South Africa. He subsequently earned a slot in the Tweed Coast Pro as one of the top-ranked 2019 non-Australian Qualifying Series surfers and will surf in Round 1, Heat 4 against Ryan Callinan and Morgan Cibilic.

"I'm so happy to be included in this event. I was hoping that there would still be a few contests this year, and this is why I first decided to stay on in Australia. I'm really grateful WSL has given me this opportunity to surf in the Australian Grand Slam," said McGillivray.

Making excellent use of his time in Australia, Rip Curl surfer McGillivray has been training hard and fine-tuning his competitive act for the relaunch of the Championship Tour.

"I've linked up with a good trainer here in Australia and feel like, in the end, things have worked out for the best for my career at this stage," said McGillivray. "It will be nice to compete again and get some more practice in."

McGillivray agrees that he is definitely spoilt with great waves back home. "I'm trying to improve my physical strength and fitness as well as my surfing technique," said McGillivray. "The only difficult thing in Australia is that it's not as spoilt with waves as South Africa is, so wave quality makes the actual surfing part more challenging."

It has been a long time between surfing tournaments, and there is much excitement around these Grand Slam events. McGillivray, along with Jordy Smith, qualified for the 2020 Championship Tour, but it was cancelled as a result of the COVID epidemic. The qualified surfers will commence the 2021 season from their 2019 end-of-year results.

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In a closely contested final day, it was St Francis surfer Dale Staples and Sophie Bell from Salt Rock who emerged victorious in the Rip Curl E-Pro. This tournament, a dynamic online surf contest, featured 56 of the top South African surfers battling it out for their share of the prize money, as well as bragging rights as winners of this unique event.

In the women's final, Bell came up against Zoe Steyn from East London, and it was a battle of power turns vs tube ride. Eventually, it was Sophie's north coast barrel that saw her win the event and the R10,000, as well as a pair of Oakley sunglasses for herself and for her videographer Quinton Jones.

"I haven't won a contest in years, so it feels pretty good,' said a stoked Sophie to commentator Gigs Cilliers on the live feed. "Thanks to everyone who voted and supported me, as well as all the sponsors."

In the men's final, it was a similar situation, with very different approaches from the two finalists. Shane Sykes from Salt Rock put a massive handsfree punt in as his final shot, while Dale Staples submitted a wave from Supertubes in JBay. Both surfers had already submitted their best waves, with Shane's semifinal entry his best wave. At the same time, Dale's barrel in round 4 was definitely his best clip by far.

So it was colossal handsfree punt from Ballito up against a barrel and some solid and powerful carving at Supers. No one knew which way it was going to go, but the judge's decision went to Staples for his combination of turns against Sykes' single move.

"It's one of the sickest concepts I have ever seen," said Sykes of the event." I'm stoked to get runner-up. It was a hard contest, and there were some of the best clips I've seen in years."

Dale Staples from St Francis Bay was one stoked winner of the inaugural Rip Curl E-Pro online surfing tournament. "My final clip definitely wasn't my best one, but it was enough to get the win. So I'm stoked about that. Still, Shane's straight air was absolutely ridiculous," said Dale.

Staples went on to the win the Red Bull Best Tube award for his massive barrel from the west coast, despite some fierce competition from the likes of Chad Du Toit, Josh and Dan Redman and Mike Frew.

"It has been such a winter of waves in South Africa, and there were so many good barrels in the contest, so I am so happy to win the best barrel as well," said Staples. "It was a great event. Thanks to everyone involved."

The Surf Web Series now moves on to the Chile E-Pro, which will kick off on 24 August.

In South Africa, there will be another online surf contest, in a partnership between Surf Web Series and Surfing South Africa. Details will be announced soon.

Final results:

Sophie Bell - R10,000
Zoe Steyn - R5,000

Dale Staples - R10,000
Shane Sykes - R5,000

Red Bull Best Tube
Dale Staples – R10,000

Oakley Eyewear
Sophie Bell
Quinton Jones
Dale Staples
Darryl Staples.

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The Rip Curl E-Pro is supported by Surfing South Africa. Surfing South Africa is the recognised governing body for the sport in South Africa and is a member of the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC), the African Surfing Confederation (ASC) and the International Surfing Association (ISA).

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In an absolute flurry of ridiculously good waves and incredible surfing, the finalists of the inaugural Rip Curl E-Pro were decided.

In the first women’s semifinal, the two goofy-footers Zoe Steyn from East London and Faye Zoetmulder from Cape St Francis battled it out on their backhands, entering two excellent east coast rights. Zoetmulder was looking smooth and powerful but Steyn’s explosive turns saw her get the nod and advance to the final.

The second semifinal saw Salt Rock surfer Sophie Bell face off against Scarborough’s Ceara Knight, and it was a victory for the Durban girl against her Capetonian counterpart.

The Rip Curl E-Pro Women event has support from VUM Insurance – emerging business insurance.

Men’s semifinal 1 was close, with Shane Sykes from Salt Rock coming up against Durban’s surfer Josh Redman. Syke’s wave comprised a massive power gouge, a long and deep tube, and two hard cracks off the top, while Redman’s offer was a deep and draining double-barrel. The judges unanimously awarded the win to Sykes, making him the first finalist.

In the second semi, Dale Staples from St Francis Bay came up against Chad Du Toit from Durban. It was another close one, with Staples throwing in a long and smooth wave with turns and barrels, against an epic late drop into a throaty barrel from Du Toit. Once again the judges awarded the win to multiple turns, and Staples advanced into the men’s final.

Both Du Toit and Redman’s barrels are in a good position to be in contention for the Red Bull Best Tube award of R10,000.

Men's Final: Shane Sykes V Dale Staples

Women's Final: Sophie Bell V Zoe Steyn

First prize in both men and women’s finals is R10,000, and runner-up position is R5,000. There is a pair of Oakley Sunglasses going to each winner, as well as to the two winning videographers.

The event is hosted on Instagram @surfwebseries

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The Rip Curl E-Pro is supported by Surfing South Africa. Surfing South Africa is the recognised governing body for the sport in South Africa and is a member of the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC), the African Surfing Confederation (ASC) and the International Surfing Association (ISA).

It was an action-packed quarter-final showdown in the inaugural Rip Curl E-Pro, as the surfers started dropping some of their best clips to advance.

Shane Sykes from Salt Rock was the winner against Luke Slijpen from Llandudno in the first encounter, with power moves against power moves. Sykes emerged just ahead to go to the semifinals.

In a close heat, it was Dale Staples up against Steven Sawyer, battling it out on the right-hand point breaks of their respective hometowns. Their heat was full of barrels and carves, and it was the natural footer Staples who won against the former world longboarding champion goofy-footer Sawyer.

Josh Redman’s barrels got the nod over Gavin Roberts carves, and Chad Du Toit’s barrel just outpointed Davey Van Zyl’s entry.

In the women’s quarters, it was also a very close round of heats. In the first heat, it was Zoe Steyn and Sophie Bell who advanced, along with Faye Zoetmulder and Ceara Knight from their heat, with the four girls making up the semifinals.


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The Rip Curl E-Pro is supported by Surfing South Africa. Surfing South Africa is the recognised governing body for the sport in South Africa and is a member of the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC), the African Surfing Confederation (ASC) and the International Surfing Association (ISA). is the Rip Curl E-Pro media partner.

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For South African surf fans, the action was fast and exciting for Round 4 of the men and Round 1 of the women's events at the Rip Curl E-Pro online surf tournament. The judges had to dig deep, and the voting public showed their support with their votes, making it the most exciting day so far in this inaugural online surfing tournament.

In the men’s elimination round four, it was superior wave selection, and barrel riding that saw surfers like Shane Sykes and Dale Staples win their heats. Davey Van Zyl and Gavin Roberts had combinations of east coast tubes and power moves to advance through to the quarters.

Some of these tube rides, including Staple’s massive West Coast tube, will be in the running for the Red Bull Best Tube specialty prize and the R10,000 prizemoney.

Other surfers making it through this round of our first online surfing event was Chad Du Toit and Josh Redman from Durban and Steven Sawyer (JBay) and Luke Slijpen from Llandudno.

Then it was time for the ladies to make their first appearance at this event. Recognising Women’s Day, and top contestants from the region as well as entries from Supertubes, the Kouga Municipality showed their support of the women’s contest by co-sponsoring it.

It was apt that both Faye Zoetmulder from St Francis Bay and Kai Woolf from JBay both advanced through their first-round heat. The two goofy-footed surfers (right-foot forward) displayed some excellent surfing at Supertubes. They progressed through to the second round, along with Zoe Steyn and Tayla De Coning, both from East London, Sophie Bell from Salt Rock and Ceara Knight from Scarborough.

The Rip Curl E-Pro South Africa has been an exciting platform for some of the best surfers in the country to display their best surfing. It has sparked interest in the sport in a time when events cannot be held. The Rip Curl E-Pro is supported by Shaka Surf, the online surf store selling beautiful but practical surfboard fins made from recycled material, as well as eco-friendly surfboard traction and all-natural sunscreen.

For full results of men's round four and women's round one please go to @surfopenleague Instagram account.

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